The Ed Jenkins trophy was inaugurated in 2002.  Stephen Woods proposed the award in memory of Eddie.  Ed Jenkins was a member of Sunshine City Band for many years.  I first met Eddie in 1967 he was the bands principal cornet player and remained in that position for many years.  Eddie was a very fine player and has helped many aspiring players in his time. He was always free with his help regarding technique or tone production or any other band matter.  Eddie would have a player sit beside him and gradually give the new player more responsibility and solo work so improvement was developed over a short period of time.  Eddie was never precious with his position and if he could have others share the load he was happy to do this.  Eddie loved jazz playing and with his long time mate Rusty Davis formed a jazz group that entertained at many venues including Sunshine Band. For many years the band held fund raising dances on regular occasions and they would play and sing all night with minimal breaks, no mean feat.  Eddie contracted asbestosis and passed away leaving a large pair of shoes to fill.  Stephen Woods one of Eddies protégés wanted a way to honour Eddie’s contribution to the band for the years to come and made the first Ed Jenkins Memorial Trophy.  Stephen wanted the Trophy awarded to a playing member of the band who showed outstanding commitment to both playing and support of the other members of the band.  The players vote on a worthy recipient each year the winner of the trophy would have shown outstanding commitment and service during that year.

Ed Jenkins Memorial Trophy Bandsman of the Year

2003 - Sandra Martin                    2009 - Georgie Wilson                    2015 - Georgie Wilson

2004 - Ursula Thom                       2010 - Paul Fitzgerald                     2016 - Andrew Wilson

2005 - Bob Tabor                             2011 - Steve Woods                          2017 - Peter Hogarty

2006 - Graham Woods                  2012 - Mathew Reynolds                2018 - Shan Amunugama

2007 - Graham Woods                  2013 - Andrew Wilson                     2019 - Alexander Wilson

2008 - Wayne Bowden                  2014 - Andrew Wilson                    2020 - Not Awarded

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